all web hosts are the same. they take your money. throw as many sites as they can on their server. and walk away. the only way to get any respect is to pay through the nose for managed hosting services or to go it alone with a dedicated box and struggle with complex systems issues and clunky control panels.

hosted by xentek is different.

why bother with the murky details when you can trust your web site hosting to the pros? our personalized plans are tailored to meet your needs, and expertly managed by a small caring team of server ninjas so you can concentrate on the real business at hand.

that's what we're about.

hosted by xentek grew out of our development work for our clients. most of them were new to the web site game, and needed reliable, secure and inexpensive hosting. shared hosting rarely cut the mustard and, since they required optimized and properly configured servers with enough horsepower to serve their growing traffic, they would turn to us.

sure we could of sent them to one of the other guys and let them fend for themselves, but we knew what it was like out there. support personal they couldn't reach. clunky control panels they couldn't figure out. and value plans that didn't add up. we decided to change all that.

the devil's in the details after all.

over the years we have developed a rock solid platform and a level of support unheard of in the hosting business:

→ Multiple Layers of Redundant Backups

→ Virtual Servers that can be relocated in minutes (if the underlying hardware goes bad)

→ More ram and bandwidth than you can consume

→ Web Development, Consulting and Server Configuration hours included in every plan—for free

→ Finely tuned systems running 60% or below capacity so they can hum along for ages without issue.

all this technology at a price you can afford.

all of our plans can be personalized to fit your needs, and scaled to meet demand.

  Starter Developer Professional Dedicated
Storage 10 gb 20 gb 40 gb 80 gb
RAM 256 mb 512 mb 1 gb 2 gb
Dedicated Server Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Support Hours per month 0.5 1 1.5 2
Price $400 per year $1200 per year $2100 per year $3200 per year

every site is backed by the same remarkable technology and attention to detail. High Availability configurations are available, upon request.

this is the kind of web host you deserve.
contact us today.

Sometimes one server, just won't cut it.

  High Availability High Availability+
Storage 40 gb 40 gb
RAM 2x 1 gb Edge: 2x 512mb
Web: 2 x 1 gb
Dedicated Server Master/Slave with Failover Master/Slave with Failover AND Load Balancing
Support Hours per month 3 4
Price $3900 per year $5328 per year

Utilizing the same technology powering today's biggest sites, you can have piece of mind knowing that even if a single node goes down, your site won't. We will set you up on the road to scalability, if you contact us today.

*Additional Servers, RAM and Storage is available.

at hosted by xentek, we pride ourselves on building the most secure, reliable and scalable system we can. here's a glimpse at our secret sauce:

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • PHP (mod_php or php-fcgi)
  • Python (mod_pyton or mod_wsgi)
  • Ruby (w/ Passenger Phusion + mod_rails)
  • MySQL
  • Redundant Backups
  • Deploy via SFTP, SVN, or GIT
  • Shell Access (on request)
  • 4-core server with RAID-10 disk storage
  • Reserved RAM and Guaranteed CPU cycles
  • Varnish Cache / Squid / Nginx Reverse Proxies
  • High Availability configurations
  • and much more...

everything else is handled for you.

at present, being hosted by xentek is by invitation only. however, if you are tired of your current web host, get in touch and let us know how we may be of service.

phone: +1.773.251.4012


twitter: @xentek


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